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Carmel Church Station still alive

CARMEL CHURCH—The largest development that Caroline County has ever known—Carmel Church Station—is “still alive” and “we’re actively working on it,” said Alan Partin, assistant county administrator.

Carmel Church Station is a proposed mixed-use development that would include a train station, open space, housing, and sites for industry, big-box stores, an elementary school and library.

“Things often take a long time to work out,” Partin said. “It’s not a fast process. We are trying to do what we can do to speed it along.”

Once construction starts, “it would make history,” he added.

The project would be located along a four-mile tract bordering Interstate 95 from Carmel Church to the North Anna River. The town core of the station would consist of a cluster of eight-story buildings for multi-family housing that would taper to five-story buildings at the edges. The core would be about a half-mile in diameter so residents would have no more than a quarter-mile walk to the train station.

The development made a big splash in the media in the beginning. A Richmond TV station, NBC12, posted on its website a story with a headline that read, “Carmel Church Station to double population in Caroline County.”

A former member of the Caroline County Board of Supervisors said the 1,059-acre, multi-million dollar project would be Caroline’s equivalent of Henrico County’s Innsbrook, a giant office park with restaurants, motels, shops and residences near Interstate 64 and 295.

Carmel Church Station’s website refers to the project as “one of the largest new developments on the East Coast,” adding that it would generate 47,000 new jobs and have an economic impact of $19 billion.

The property is zoned for 8,700 dwelling units, 1,000 hotel rooms and 3.2 million square feet of commercial development.

Earlier this year, Carmel Church Station was under consideration as home for the FBI’s new headquarters. In fact, one of Carmel Church’s developers, Litt Thompson, made a proposal to the General Services Administration that the FBI consider Carmel Church for its headquarters.

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