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Carmel Church Station to double population in Caroline County

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) – A proposed development along Interstate 95 will more than double the population of Caroline County over the next 20 years. It’s called Carmel Church Station, and will be similar to Henrico County’s Innsbrook area.

Right now when you drive along Route 1 between 95 – the North Anna River – and Route 207 in Carmel Church, you’ll see lots of woods. It’s an area county leaders have determined is ripe for development.

Carmel Church Station will bring in homes, businesses and even rail service so that folks can travel through from Richmond to D.C. Now, the county has rezoned the area as the first step in the process.

“This is going to be our Innsbrook here in Caroline County. We are going to have a nice place for commercial development as well as the housing that ties into the train station and properties for school and government offices to use as well,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Maxie Rozell.

Rozell says this multi-million dollar project is receiving state and even federal support–largely thanks to the train station. There are still a lot of steps to go, but the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation says it is feasible. County leaders say it’s a great way to attract new residents who could commute to Washington by train.

“Very upscale, more density, we are turning Caroline County at least in that location into more of an urban core that allows us to develop excellent projects–that’s what we’re about,” said Gary Wilson, Director of Economic Development and Tourism.

Plans were developed using a citizen driven committee. Public hearings drew only support and no opposition.

“We’ve seen so many people especially in the business community, land owners, people in the residential communities, they see the value of this, and they understand it–that’s why I think we’ve had such overwhelming support for this project,” Wilson said.

This project is long-term and will be completed over the next 18 to 25 years. For more information about this development, just click here.

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