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  • Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transit Amtrak Station Area Planning and Land Use Analysis

    This independent study prepared by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation in August of 2008 analyzes all aspect of Carmel Church Station from the historic to the environmental, and includes both a land use map and a fiscal impact study.

  • The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Carmel Church Station on Caroline County, Virginia

    Prepared by Chmura Economics & Analytics on January 15th, 2014, this report provides analysis of the economic and fiscal impacts from the CCS project on Caroline County based on the project plan as approved by the Caroline County Planning Commission in April of 2010.

  • Housing the Region's Future Workforce: Policy Challenges for Local Jurisdictions

    This report was prepared on October 25th, 2011 by Lisa A. Sturtevant, PhD and Stephen S. Fuller, PhD of George Mason University’s School of Public Policy Center for Regional Analysis.  The research analyzes the future housing demand associated with the over 1 million of net new job growth forecasted in the DC metropolitan region between 2010 and 2030.

  • The Case for Virginia's Regional Trains

    Prepared by Virginians For High Speed Rail, this 2013 report reviews Virginia’s expanded and improved service, multiple benefits and funding sources for passenger rail.  The author(s) also provide a look into the future of Virginia’s rail.

  • Virginia Rail Summary Report

    Prepared by Carmel Church Station, the summary report, taken from the 2013 Virginia Statewide Rail Plan and from resources provided by Virginians for High Speed Rail, supports the need for future rail infrastructure in Virginia and nationwide as well as illustrates the undeniable momentum that passenger rail has in Virginia.

  • Capturing the Value of Transit

    Prepared by the Center for Transit-Oriented Development for the Federal Transit Authority, this study analyzes in depth the value premium brought to developers, businesses, and home owners in transit-oriented developments.

  • Fredericksburg Region Industry Cluster Study

    Prepared by Chmura Economics & Analytics for the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance and the University of Mary Washington, this study analyzes the Fredericksburg regional economy and identifies defined industry cluster.  Further, the report refines the cluster analysis to identify six priority industry clusters that represent significant opportunity for the regional economy.

  • Study to Add Rail Service at Carmel Church, Caroline County, Virginia

    This independent study was prepared for the Caroline County Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization by Kimley-Horn and Associates on September 25, 2012.  As a follow up to their Alternative Analysis Study, Kimley-Horn produced this study to address the next steps for initiating rail service and to provide additional information on the quick start option for rail service at Carmel Church Station.

  • Megapolitan America

    This study prepared by the Luck Stone Corporation takes a look at the population growth and cluster trends that are shaping America’s landscape.  It identifies the Megapolitan regions that profile the country’s population and economic centers and represent the largest market demand centers.

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