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Team Bios

Team Bios


IMG_1737_2Litt has always had a passion for business. For the last 30 years, Litt has bought, started, run, and sold businesses across many different industries from manufacturing to retail, service to distribution. During those years Litt has developed a love for real estate investments.

Litt received his degree in business from the University of Richmond in 1979 and is married to Kath, and has three sons, Gavin, Parker and Litt. He resides in Richmond and has a passion for helping others find their path and potential in life.




tommyTommy joined Litt in business almost 25 years ago. As partners, they have run businesses together across many different sectors. Currently, Tommy still serves as CEO of Park Group, a video production company in Richmond that produces television commercials, documentaries, and promotional pieces on an regional and national platform.

Tommy received his BA in Sociology from Davidson College in 1980 and his Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in 1985. He is married to Weezie and has three children a daughter Perrin and sons Chris and Alex.



Billphoto2Bill is an original investor and partner in the CCS project. He has experience in real estate through investments in residential and commercial properties.

Bill spent 28 years working at Medco Health Solutions, formally a large prescription benefit manager, where he managed large government and corporate accounts. Previously he worked for 14 years with Computer Sciences Corporation at NASA facilities in Greenbelt, Maryland (Goddard Space Center), and Houston, Texas (Johnson Space Center).

Bill received his BS degree in mathematics from High Point University and his MS degree in information systems from George Washington University. He is married to Ann and has two sons, William Jr. and CJ, and three grandchildren. Bill and his family reside in the Richmond area.


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